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The right kind of equipment can make all the difference in your project. We thus keep top of the line equipment for our members. A few options that we have are listed below.

3D printers and CNC Mill

These rapidly growing technologies allow many benefits, and come with a range of uses. Thus while 3D printers allow for additive manufacturing where parts are created layer by layer, CNC mills allow for subtractive manufacturing. In the latter, material is shaped into the finished product. Materials like plastic, resin and even metal can be used, in both these accuracy driven techniques.

One month plan
Three month plan

Laser cutters and plasma cutters

From the precise thermal cutting process of laser cutters, to high definition plasma cutting equipment which uses a mixture of gases for high definition cuts, The Shop has it all.

Other equipment

We also have equipment such as CNC Router, waterjets, raw materials of wood, metal and plastic, making us a one stop shop.

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Buying Club

Those interested in buying/ renting equipment are also invited to become part of the Buying Club. This enables members to attend all the purchase events in various cities that The Shop participates in. For those who wish to buy equipment, but are unable to visit the shows, we can help in procuring equipment at a discounted rate, thus bringing you benefits without any hassles.