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Learning enables to keep us growing. For the passionate makers in our community, we offer new learning opportunities every day. Depending upon your areas of interest, you can enroll yourself for


These are organized once in three months, and take care of various facets of interest. Be it one of the members from our community, or an outside expert, we enable the most relevant topics to be brought to you as workshops. These allow for a great hands-on experience, and expand your knowledge.

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Basics course

For the young makers, The Shop organizes a basic course for six months. Through this course, makers can learn about the range of equipment, uses of each, basics of construction and principals to be followed. The course also includes practical classes as well, whereby the young members get introduced to machinery and learn how to use them in the right manner.

Advanced course

For those wanting to pursue a detailed study of building and creating, the advanced course offers many study options. Depending on one’s area of interest, one can choose from a range of choices. From learning about fabric arts to fabrication, laser classes, machine shop classes, wood shop, metal shop and even welding hotshop classes are offered here. Individual study plans can be created with the team members to make the most of the available courses.

advanced course

Corporate courses

Besides the basics and the advanced courses, The Shop also curates customized corporate programs. Designed to provide training towards the corporate project, these can be curated with specific modules as desired. For more details, do get in touch with the team.