If you’re looking for a perfect space that’s large, convenient and allows you to explore your creative ideas, then The Shop is just for you. Spaciously planned, and well organized, The Shop is not only clutter free but also gives easy access to everything you need. Well equipped with all the tools you may need, this rental space is just what you’re looking for.

The Perfect Space For Makers is Here!


We encourage dreams and creativity, so if you have a project idea, blueprint or a half finished model, we are here to help you reach that dream. So, poke around on our site and discover how your creativity and project can develop.


Every great idea, needs space to grow and wings to soar. Enabling support of experts, we help to take you through the steps of the idea, costing approach and viability support as well. We help you plan, so that you don’t procrastinate and take your idea forward.